[Stockholm]: Vette-Katten

Located at Central Stockholm, the cafe founded in 1928 started when a lady by the name of Ester Nordhammar decided to open a bakery offering pastries, bread and buns of the highest quality.   Behind this large wooden door lies several cosy spaces with paintings adorning the walls and warm lights creeping over the tables of many. Pick your favourite corner, get a friend to … Continue reading [Stockholm]: Vette-Katten

[Stockholm]: Greasy Spoon

Located at an unassuming corner a few minutes walk away from Odenplan station, Greasy Spoon offers different lunch specials every week. At first glance, the place does not seem capable of producing scrumptious lunch fare. Upon closer look, a menu peeps through from behind the glass. The cafe offers a variety of lunch specials for every single week, which comes with a complimentary tea or … Continue reading [Stockholm]: Greasy Spoon

[Stockholm]: Günters korvar

If you’re hungry in Stockholm, and it’s not your proper meal time yet, you’ll probably be either grabbing kanelbulle (cinammon bun) from a bakery or a hotdog bun from one of those hot dog stands along the roads. What if you want a hot dog bun full of flavours, rather than just your typical hotdog in a bun with ketchup/mustard drizzled atop? Head to Günters! … Continue reading [Stockholm]: Günters korvar