[Stockholm]: Greasy Spoon

Located at an unassuming corner a few minutes walk away from Odenplan station, Greasy Spoon offers different lunch specials every week. At first glance, the place does not seem capable of producing scrumptious lunch fare. Upon closer look, a menu peeps through from behind the glass. The cafe offers a variety of lunch specials for every single week, which comes with a complimentary tea or … Continue reading [Stockholm]: Greasy Spoon

[Stockholm]: Günters korvar

If you’re hungry in Stockholm, and it’s not your proper meal time yet, you’ll probably be either grabbing kanelbulle (cinammon bun) from a bakery or a hotdog bun from one of those hot dog stands along the roads. What if you want a hot dog bun full of flavours, rather than just your typical hotdog in a bun with ketchup/mustard drizzled atop? Head to Günters! … Continue reading [Stockholm]: Günters korvar

[Stockholm]: Jensen’s Bøfhus

Mention Jensen’s and most people in Denmark would know about the steakhouse. With its origins from Denmark, Jensen’s have since expanded to Sweden, Norway as well as Germany. There are a total of 12 outlets in Sweden, so you’re likely to walk into 1, especially if you’re in the capital, Stockholm. My friends and I went to the branch at Vasagatan, Stockholm for lunch. The … Continue reading [Stockholm]: Jensen’s Bøfhus

[Airline Food]: British Airways

About a week ago, on the 20th August, I took British Airways BA0012 from Changi Airport (Singapore) to Heathrow Airport (London). The flight was scheduled to depart at 2315 and it was a 13h approx flight. Around 2 hours into the flight, we were served our first meals on board. The flight stewardess went: ” Chicken or fish?” “Chicken,” I replied. Here’s what I suppose … Continue reading [Airline Food]: British Airways

[Invitation]: Kee Hiong Bak Kut Teh

If you think of Chinatown, you’d probably be thinking about Chinese New Year house decorations, bak kua as well as the other delectable food items for the festive occasion. However, I recently found another reason to head down to the area! It’s not often that we hear of authentic Klang Bak Kut Teh, what’s more say DRY BAK KUT TEH?! Located at the first floor … Continue reading [Invitation]: Kee Hiong Bak Kut Teh

[Invitation]: Portico Host

Situated a mere 2-4 minutes walk away from Labrador Station, Portico Host’s location is accessible despite being hidden in a factories-looking-like place. In all honesty, you would think that the entire location would be closed after 1800 given the stillness and serenity surrounding it. Portico believes strongly in hosting guests just like how they would, in their own homes. Therefore, think classic homely dishes. But, … Continue reading [Invitation]: Portico Host

A Review: Tsuta

Since Tsuta’s first opening in Sugamo, Tokyo in January 2012, Master Chef Onishi Yuki has never looked back. Having received a significant number of prizes and awards since 2012, it is of no surprise that the restaurant was granted its One Michelin Star in 2015. What’s more notable is that it is the first ramen restaurant to receive the prestigious recognition. Opening its second outlet … Continue reading A Review: Tsuta