[Invitation]: Good Old Days Bistro

Bugis, otherwise known as the epicentre for cafes and all things hipster. And…guess what? A new cafe has joined the area right by the corner of Bugis, at Beach Road. With a vintage theme, its interior decorations are bound to draw you in as you marvel at the vintage antiques that they have towards the back of the cafe while the swings are surely inviting. Have a go at them, I’d say!





Here’s what we had at the cafe! Featuring starters, burgers, risotto and of course a healthy dessert to end off the meal 🙂


Portobello Fritters ($7.50)

For starters, the cafe offers soups and a variety of small bites for sharing including onion rings, calamari rings, chicken karaage, truffle fries, cheesy scallop gratin, spicy chicken drumlets and chicken quesadilla, all of which are priced between $6.90 and $8.90. The Portobello Fritters ($7.50) feature decent-sized portobello mushrooms fried with a thin layer of batter making it crunchy to the bite. Dip them into the small tub of tartar sauce at the side and you get exciting flavours of both the salty and sour! To feel a little healthier, tuck into the leafy salad at the side after squeezing in some lemon juice! Beside the Portobello Fritters, we also tried the spicy chicken drumlets as well and boy, was I mindblown by the texture and taste of them. Be sure to order the Spicy Chicken Drumlets as well!

The Hearty Brekkie ($16.90)

If you love your breakfasts for lunch and dinner as well, you’ll be more than glad to know that Good Old Days offer ALL DAY BREAKFAST! Think pancakes, french toasts, eggs benedict and steak and egg. Prices for breakfast at the cafe range from $11.90 to $16.90. The Hearty Brekkie ($16.90) features eggs (which you can choose whether you want it poached/sunny/scrambled), sausage, streaky bacon, grilled potatoes, hash, sautéed mushrooms and wholemeal toast. This is a pretty safe option in my humble opinion but my favourites has got to be the sautéed mushrooms which was thoroughly well-marinated but yet not too salty, as well as the hash, which is basically potatoes stripped down. They had a light crusty layer on the exteriors, and was lightly salted as well.

Slow Cook Pork Belly Burger ($13.90)

This is probably what makes the new cafe stands out from its neighbours lining the Bugis and Beach Road area. Burgers, served in vintage boxes? Outrageously innovative and cute, i’d say! From the conventional BBQ chicken burger, dory fish cutlet burger to the more interesting moroccan lamb burger and crispy oatmeal chicken burger, you’re sure to find something that suits your tastebuds! If you prefer something that is more manageable, they offer sandwiches as well (hint: club sandwiches/ beef & caramelized onions sandwiches/ pork & kimchi sandwiches) Prices for sandwiches and burgers start at $13.90 and goes up to just $16.90. The Slow Cook Pork Belly Burger ($13.90) was pretty decent as well, with a good proportion of lean meat to fats. Despite being a little on the dry side, the meat was tender and tore off easily.

Crabbie Feast ($16.90)

If American-style breakfasts and burgers are not your jam, you can choose from the pasta/risotto section as well. Good Old Days offer crowd’s favourites such as carbonara, truffle mushroom pasta, and cajun chicken pasta as well as creative alternatives like shrimp & squid pasta, red wine beef stew, pan-seared scallop pasta as well as crabbie feast, all of which you can have either linguine or risotto. Pastas range from $12.90 to $16.90. The Crabbie Feast ($16.90) that I landed my hands on, was one of the most scrumptious crab dish that I’ve ever eaten in a cafe. No, I’m not exaggerating at all. The risotto was cooked with the right temperature, resulting in a smooth and slightly creamy dish, which was an absolute delight to stomach. The crab meat at the top was fresh and added some bite to the well-cooked risotto. This is definitely a MUST-ORDER for me when I’m back!

The Açaí Bowl ($9.90)

Nursing a sweet tooth? You can either have the açaí bowl or the all time classic waffles with ice cream combo. But at Good Old Days, you can pick 2 waffle flavours (original/chocolate/matcha/charcoal/red velvet/purple potato/blue velvet) that accompany your ice cream. A pretty good deal, I would say!


Address:  337 Beach Rd, Singapore 199565

Nearest MRT: Bugis (EW12/DT14) / Nicoll Highway (CC5)

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 1100 – 2200

Saturday 1000-2200

Closed on Sundays

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