[Stockholm]: Vette-Katten

Located at Central Stockholm, the cafe founded in 1928 started when a lady by the name of Ester Nordhammar decided to open a bakery offering pastries, bread and buns of the highest quality.




Behind this large wooden door lies several cosy spaces with paintings adorning the walls and warm lights creeping over the tables of many. Pick your favourite corner, get a friend to stay there while you head over to take a peek at the variety of sweet treats this cafe have to offer!





If you’re thinking of grabbing something for a friend, these little packets of biscuits are sure to fit the bill! Otherwise, you can opt from a variety of sweet breads, sandwiches and of course, delicious cakes!

Little Pastries
Sweet buns
Bread display
Sandwiches, Yogurts & Fruit Juices
Princess Cake & Ivoiredôme (52 KR/ $8.20 each)

Online recommendations suggested to get the Princess Cake and the Princess Cake it was! With the pure looking white dome calling out to me from within the glass cabinet, it was a cake that seemed like it couldn’t be missed either. You know what they say, the more the better.

Cross Section of Ivoiredôme

Consisting of a white chocolate mousse enveloping a centre of raspberry cream with a thin layer of biscuit base, the cake turned out to be a much lighter cake than expected. With the addition of the raspberry cream in the middle, it adds a tangy punch with every bite, making each and every bite an addiction.

Princess Cake
Cross Section of Princess Cake

Having eaten quite a few Princess Cakes from bakeries as well as from supermarkets such as Hemköp, this is by far the best one.  Being one of the world’s most famous cakes,  Klassisk prinsesstårta ( Classic Princess Cake) is made up of 3 layers of fatless sponge cake, raspberry jam, pastry cream and stiffly whipped cream, topped by a layer of green marzipan. Vette-Katten’s rendition of this iconic Swedish cake have the perfect proportions of raspberry cream to the layers of sponge cake and cream. As you push your fork through a layer of the cake, you get a bit of the sweet as well as the sour. With the sticky green marzipan,  it helps to break the softness of the sponge cakes. Truly living up to its reputation of being one of the most famous cakes in the world!



Besides its relatively fancy and spacious interiors, come for their HUGE selection of cakes and breads. Prices are not overly expensive despite the prime location and large, cosy spaces.



Address: Kungsgatan 55, 111 22 Stockholm

Tel: 08-20 84 05

Opening Hours: 

Weekdays: 0730-2000

Weekends: 0930-1900

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