[Stockholm]: Café Pom & Flora

Located a short distance away from Odenplan station, Café Pom & Flora serves a variety of breakfast and brunch items that will definitely cater to the different preferences of their customers.


At about 11 am on a Wednesday morning, the cafe was surprisingly already filled with people; there were also a few people working on their laptops with their cups of coffee. Despite the cafe being crowded, the staff was extremely polite and ready to offer me an English menu.

IMG_8757 2.jpg

I ordered Scrambled 2.0 consisting of toast, scrambled eggs, ham, spinach, grated parmesan and kaledukkah with almonds (90 KR/ $14.60) as well as an Acai + Raspberry smoothie bowl with ginger, chia pudding, banana and roasted buckwheat (65 KR/ $10.55). Service was pretty speedy and the food arrived within 10-15 minutes of waiting.

My Toast 2.0 + friend’s Croissant & Chia Pudding
Toast 2.0

On first glance, the portion does not look big enough to fill my tummy. However, upon gradually devouring this down, it was ironically pretty filling. The exterior of the toast had a nice crunch to it while the insides were soft and fluffy. Accompanied by the creamy eggs and the crunchy almond bits, every bite was a nice layering of flavours. The addition of the spinach also added a refreshing crunch to the overall taste.

Acai & Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

For this particular dessert, there were ginger, chiapudding, banana and roasted buckwheat. The portion was surprisingly large for its price, as compared to Acai Bowl in Singapore. The acai and raspberry were blended to a good consistency. However, the acai flavour could be slightly stronger. Unfortunately, the addition of the roasted buckwheat turned out to be too much for me to handle. They were in almost every bite and the nutty taste was a little too overwhelming as well.



Not the cheapest place to get your breakfast(toast/porridge) in Stockholm but the breakfast bowls are relatively well-priced. The variety is pretty good as well, especially for the health conscious you! The place gets slightly noisy, so it may not be the most ideal place for a long chat.



Address: Odengatan 39, 113 51 Stockholm, Sweden

Tel: +46 76 249 67 01

Opening Hours: 

Weekdays: 0700-1600

Weekends: 0900-1600

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