[Stockholm]: Günters korvar

If you’re hungry in Stockholm, and it’s not your proper meal time yet, you’ll probably be either grabbing kanelbulle (cinammon bun) from a bakery or a hotdog bun from one of those hot dog stands along the roads.

What if you want a hot dog bun full of flavours, rather than just your typical hotdog in a bun with ketchup/mustard drizzled atop? Head to Günters!

On the surface, it looks very much like a modest street side stall selling hot dogs.

FullSizeRender 4

Wait til lunch time, and the queue starts to get longer, and.. longer.

FullSizeRender 3

On the windows are news articles about the hot dog stand as well as a illustrative menu depicting the wide variety of hot dogs that they have.

FullSizeRender 2


As it is meant to be a take-out booth, there’s only 1 little table and 2 chairs if you decide to eat your hotdog right on the spot. IMG_7015

The first time, I got a currywurst (50 KR/ $8.70).

Currywurst (50kr)

Hotdogs from Günters are very much beyond just plain buns and mildly flavoured sausages.

An extremely crispy yet chewy baguette enveloped the sausage which was oozing  flavours. There were also additional sauces whom the owner added straight into the baguette, including tomato ketchup and mustard.  The sauces that slightly drench the insides of the baguette, combined with the flavourful sausage, packs a punch when you bite into it.

Kabanos (50kr)

The second time, I got the sausage that the internet community proclaimed was the best at Günters. I wouldn’t refute this claim at all. I thought the currywurst was pretty amazing and even amazing was an understatement until I ordered the Internet’s favourite.

The Kabanos- of a smoky, fiery goodness. Again, the baguette definitely did not disappoint. It had the same amount of crispiness as the first time and it was still as delightful! With more of the smoky element as compared to the currywurst, the sauces complemented the kabanos to an even greater extent, making it super addictive to eat!



For the nicely cooked sausages with oozing juices and for the baguettes that were toasted to perfection.



Address: Karlbergsvägen 66, 113 35 Stockholm

Tel08-31 17 71

Opening Hours:

Monday- Thursday: 1100-2000

Friday: 1100-1800

Saturday: 1100-1700

Closed on Sundays

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