[Finland]: Lost in Helsinki

Pork, Chicken, Beef, Mutton… – most of us would have tried at least one or two of these meats that are always readily available in Singapore.

BUT… what about.. reindeer meat? :O

It was only when I traveled to Helsinki, Finland that I realized that there are just so many variations of the meat that are sold in the Market Halls.  For instance, I found Reindeer Salami, Canned Reindeer Meat and Reindeer Sandwich at the Old Market Hall.

I found myself at ‘Lost in Helsinki’ for dinner one evening and they have reindeer meat in a pasta dish as well as as a topping on pizza. 



IMG_4426IMG_4427I ordered the reindeer pasta without much expectations. I mean.. how delicious can another form of meat taste? Or so i thought.

FullSizeRender 11.jpg
Reindeer Pasta (I)
FullSizeRender 12.jpg
Reindeer Pasta (II)

Reindeer Pasta (€13) – Penne in cream sauce, Baby Sprouts, Minced Reindeer Meat, Cranberries/Lingonberries

Boy, look at those colours! I definitely would not deny that the colours kind of already won me over the moment the pasta was served.

Then, I took the first bite. The consistency of the penne was right smacked in the middle between soft and hard. The minced reindeer meat tasted neither like chicken nor pork. It was of a slightly different taste which was addictive.. strongly addictive.

The cream sauce was not too watery and it coated every piece of penne well. Also, the viscosity level of the sauce was not too high and it was therefore incredibly easy to slurp up every piece of penne.

To top it off, the cranberries/lingonberries were a delight to have. They added a slightly tangy and sweet burst of flavour, which complemented the savoury penne and reindeer meat. Also, +5 brownie points to ‘ Lost in Helsinki’ for thinking of adding these berries to pasta! Amazing, AMAZING stuff.



It was mindblowing. Who would have ever thought of adding berries to pasta? Most importantly, they went so well together. The sweetness, sourness as well as the savoury aspects of the whole pasta dish just complemented one another perfectly.



Address: Kaisaniemenkatu 3Helsinki 00100, Finland

Tel: 09652147

Opening Hours: 

MON – THU 08-01

(Kitchen open 11-00.30)

FRI 08-02

(Kitchen open 11-01.30)

SAT 10-02

(Kitchen open 12-01.30)

SUN 10-00

(Kitchen open 12-23.30)







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