[Airline Food]: British Airways

About a week ago, on the 20th August, I took British Airways BA0012 from Changi Airport (Singapore) to Heathrow Airport (London). The flight was scheduled to depart at 2315 and it was a 13h approx flight.

Around 2 hours into the flight, we were served our first meals on board. The flight stewardess went: ” Chicken or fish?”

“Chicken,” I replied.

“Chicken, please.”

Here’s what I suppose was… dinner (at 1am LOL).  The appetiser was a little confusing for me. It was either cucumber or mango salad. Or maybe it’s both. The main dish was braised chicken with fragrant chicken rice and boiled vegetables. As for dessert, a generous square of mango mousse cake was given. And of course, the old school bread and butter. 🙂

The appetiser was either cucumber salad or mango salad or cucumber mango salad. The thin slices of cucumber/mango/both were extremely crunchy and the subtle spiciness added a tinge of heat to the tongue. The two slices of chicken meat tasted a little too un-meaty for me though, if there’s even such a word. They seemed almost artificial with hardly any taste to it, just cold.

For the main, I won’t deny that I was taken aback by the fragrance of the rice. On the flip side, the consistency is not present with some grains of rice being hard while the rest are too soft. Luckily, the chicken was at least well marinated and tender. While scooping up the chunks of meat, I found a piece of chestnut as well! As for the boiled vegetables, they were soft to the point of almost being mushy. In other words, they almost seemed like baby food.

My favourite has got to be the Mango Mousse Cake though. It was indeed a sweet end to the meal. With a small portion of sponge cake and majority mango mousse, it was a delectable cake to end my meal and go off to dreamland!

FullSizeRender 10

After countless of interrupted naps, turbulence warnings, The Boss Baby and Gifted (TWO MOVIES THAT I SUPER RECOMMEND TO WATCH!!), the lights in the cabin came on. The flight stewardess was back! For breakfast, it was either a) Omelette or b) English Breakfast. I thought that option b) wouldn’t come with eggs but boy! Look at my option b! There’s actually EGGS. LOL. Is it just me?

Served in the typical airplane plastic white box, a yellow triangle of EGG omelette lies accompanied with a slice of tomato, 3-4 boiled potato slices, a sausage and mushrooms. The taste was pretty typical of what you’d expect, except that the potato slices were on the blander side and the omelette was so thick it was close to impossible to finish. At least the sausage was good, with the slight peppery charred taste. The mushrooms were also oozing with their juices.


A couple of hits and misses. Decent and average standard for airplane food 🙂

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