A Review: Tsuta

Since Tsuta’s first opening in Sugamo, Tokyo in January 2012, Master Chef Onishi Yuki has never looked back. Having received a significant number of prizes and awards since 2012, it is of no surprise that the restaurant was granted its One Michelin Star in 2015. What’s more notable is that it is the first ramen restaurant to receive the prestigious recognition.

Opening its second outlet on the sunny island of Singapore in November last year, Tsuta attracted long queues. When I went on a Friday evening at about 1930 one week ago, there were just about 9 people in the queue.



Upon entering, you’ll be greeted with a ordering machine, similar to those in use by MacDonalds.  Just press the dish that you’d like to order and pay on the spot. Besides paying by card, the machine also accepts cash! A staff will also be on site to assist should any problems surface. 🙂

Seating Area

The Pacific Plaza outlet only has 18 counter seats.

Pro: You can watch the chefs whip up your bowl of soba from start to end. 🙂

Con: Some waiting, especially during peak hours. 😦

Watch him slice that meat! 😛
Ingredients.. Ingredients..
FullSizeRender 2.jpg
The Menu

Tsuta doesn’t have as many choices as your usual ramen joint but.. where else have you heard of truffle ramen? :O

For Shio (salt-based sauce) Soba, the shio sauce is made from a plethora of ingredients including Asari clams, fish and other seafood. Sea salt from Okinawa as well as rock salt from Mongolia are also added to the bowl.

For Miso (soy bean-based sauce) Soba, the miso sauce consists of a blend of assorted ingredients which complements Haccho Miso from Tokushima Prefecture. Porcini mushroom oil and hot sauce are also added to the bowl. If truffle ain’t your thing, Miso Soba is probably your best bet here!

Last but not the least, the soy sauce in Shoyu (soy-based sauce) Soba is made from 2 YEARS’ (that’s a really long time!) fully-matured soybeans. Using both Asari clams and chicken, the light yet flavourful broth makes the ramen a true delight to enjoy!

Since the truffle oil blended Shoyu Soba is Tsuta’s signature, I got exactly that! 🙂

FullSizeRender 2.jpg
Ajitama Shoyu Soba (Less Salt)



When the bowl is first served in front of you, you get a quick whiff of that familiar truffle smell. And… then you dig in. 

The noodles were thin yet firm to the bite. The texture of the noodles was just about right for me as well. The cha shu was decent, slightly above average. The. Broth. Though. It got me all confused. If you’re someone who frequent ramen restaurants, you’d know the typical thick Tonkotsu broth for sure. If Tonkotsu is on one end of the thickness spectrum, this shoyu soba would definitely be on the other end. Albeit the truffle taste being subtle, you would definitely be able to taste it as you slurp up this weirdly addicting and satisfying broth. It was considerably light and yet, tasted so flavourful, effectively bringing out the umami flavours of the ingredients.


The Shoyu broth is really unlike any others that I have tried in my life. It’s so light that it kind of feels as if you’re drinking say, ABC soup. On the other hand, it’s packed full of flavours. Head down and try it for yourself to understand why I can’t exactly wrap my head around its taste. Oh, and remember to ask for the “less salt” option if you prefer your broth to be lighter too!


TSUTA (Orchard)

Address:  9 Scotts Road, #01-01, Pacific Plaza, 228210

Nearest MRT: Orchard

Tel: 6734 4886

Opening Hours: 1100-2200 daily




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