[Invitation]: Stateland Asian-Fusion Cafe

Not exactly a new kid on the block, but yet the cafe is constantly coming up with new creations to satisfy the ever-demanding tastebuds of Singaporeans. Among their mains, the most heard of is probably the Mentaiko Tiger Prawn Pasta. Indeed, it is one dish which truly packs a punch with the right amount of mentaiko sauce drizzled atop the al dente pasta.

More recently, the cafe released a NEW weekend **ALL-DAY** brunch menu. Can’t wake up in time for MacDonald’s breakfast? Not a problem anymore. You must be thinking french toast with berries, or eggs benedict with salmon. NAH.

We’re talking S T A T E L A N D (Asian-Fusion Cafe!) . We’re talking…

FullSizeRender 4
Ya. Serious.


Classic Lemonade(L) & Watermelon Lemonade(R)
FullSizeRender 5 copy.jpg
Hong Kong Style Breakfast

This dish was.. i’d say a pleasant surprise for me. I totally wouldn’t have ever imagined anyone can do the typical HK breakfast in a different manner. Instead of the typical chicken congee, this one is infused with truffle. The truffle taste is subtle and yet sufficient. Do note that the congee is also slightly spicy though.

Steak & Eggs 
Steak & Eggs
Steak & Eggs

This needs 3 pictures coz 1 is.. just not enough. On the surface, it just looks like eggs piled on top of two pieces of bread, with a few dead leaves thrown on top of it all. But, once you start picking up your utensils and dissecting this, you will be thrown off guard, just like me. The eggs are super soft, creamy and has a tinge of sweetness to it. The steak is hidden within the toast. The steak slices are thin and well done. Surprisingly, the pieces of steak are not firm to the bite at all. They are easy to chew and went down pretty quickly. Give this a go!

We also had a few dishes from the normal (weekday/weekend) menu.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg
Available all day, everyday.
Hainanese Chicken Rice Risotto

The chicken chunks are generous in portion; i’m sure you can see from the picture! They are also soft and tender to the bite. If you like your flavours, you will undoubtedly like this dish as it is pretty flavourful! The addition of fried shallots garnishing at the top definitely does a great job adding a different texture and crunch to the entire dish. Portion-wise, it may be a little too big for one to finish though.

Mentaiko Salmon Pasta

Mentaiko? Pasta? YESSSSSS. I love my mentaiko and i love my pasta. Really liked how tobiko (flying fish roe) is added into this dish and the addition of seaweed strips as garnishing. When mixed together, you get a slight crunch with every bite as the roe burst in your mouth!

FullSizeRender 7.jpg
Other choices on the menu
FullSizeRender 8.jpg
Sides for sharing among friends 🙂
FullSizeRender 6.jpg
Choose a drink!

This is probably good news for many of you! The prices on the menu are nett prices and includes a complimentary drink! So… feel free to pick your favourite type of coffee/lemonade/tea!


Address: 30 Bali Lane, Singapore 189866

Nearest MRT: Bugis

Tel: 9296 4997

Opening Hours: 1200-2200 daily except Tuesday

1800-2200 (Tuesday)



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