[Invitation] York Hotel: Treasured Flavours of Singapore

Standing tall a stone’s throw away from the ever bustling Orchard Road, is York Hotel. The establishment itself has been around for a while and is definitely a household name for families when we think of ” Penang Hawkers’ Fare”.

Besides the renowned event that takes place in March, September and December yearly, there is much to rejoice during the other months of the year. York Hotel’s White Rose Cafe has relaunched the “Treasured Flavours of Singapore A la Carte Buffet Lunch” which features 25 different dishes!

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Our table filled to the brim!
Fish Head Curry


Chef Charlie’s specialty- Fish head curry is definitely one of customer’s favourites. Fresh Red Snapper Fish head is first steamed, then left to simmer with an assam, or tamarind-based curry sauce. Ladies fingers, tomatoes, sliced onions and fresh chillies are then added into the simmering pot. What was rather interesting to hear from the chef is that this was cooked without the use of any oil at all! Served alongside a plate of papadums, be sure to eat it quick while it’s hot. Dip the papadum into the curry for a different fish head curry experience! (PS it goes really well together!)


Chicken Masala


Chicken Masala is one of  South-Indian’s favourite and oldest chicken dish. Taking reference from the traditional Indian classic, York Hotel’s chefs have created a homemade masala spice blend which consists of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, fennel seeds as well as other spices. The pieces of chicken were tender and moist, successfully absorbing the different spices in the masala gravy in which they lie in.


Chai Poh Omelette


An egg dish is almost quintessential to any Tze Char meal in Singapore. Furong egg will definitely be a familiar dish to many. But, here comes Chai Poh Omelette. The slight saltiness and crunchiness of the preserved radish adds the extra oomph and dimension to your meal!


Stir-fried Long Beans with Dried Shrimps


If you eat Tze Char regularly or from time to time, you would definitely be very familiar with this classic dish. I absolutely loved the crunchiness of the long beans. The dried shrimps undeniably complemented the long beans. One thing to note though, it is slightly on the spicier side, so this dish is probably not too suitable for young kids.


Stir Fried Spicy Clams


Personally, clams are one of my favourite seafood items. If I’m lucky, some economical rice stalls will cook clams and it will become one of the chosen, without a doubt. If you’re at international buffets and you see someone with plates piled high with clams, that’s ME! For this dish, the clams are cooked with a sweet and spicy sambal sauce. The clams are chewy and the spice level for this is definitely not as high as that for the long beans, making it suitable for children!


Black Ink Sotong


With the use of squid in this dish, it is recommended for guests who are seafood lovers. Whole squids are swiftly poached and then immersed in fresh squid ink together with onion, garlic and fresh green and red chillies. The end product is a plate filled with squids that are soft to the bite, with the special smoky black sauce.


Crispy Curry Drumlette


I’ve heard of McWings (which are kind of .. spicy?) and KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) which tend to be dipped in different sauces. BUT curry drumlettes? This is definitely a first for me. The crispy exteriors of the chicken got the ticks from me. The curry taste is subtle yet lingering which was a little confusing. Yet, it got addictive. Be sure to share this with your friends/family!


Chap Chye


A typical Nyonya dish, this mixed vegetables stew is definitely one which would help calm your tastebuds down after downing the other scrumptious dishes (which have more intense flavours). Consisting of beancurd skin, black fungus, vermicelli and cabbage, it is a simple yet natural palate. With the crunchy black fungus and sweet cabbage, this hearty dish will definitely help you to fill up your vegetables ‘minimum quota’ for the day!

We then ended the meal on a sweet note with two classic desserts- Chendol and Ice Kachang. Served in cute little dessert cups, the portion is just right for one person!

All in all, York Hotel’s “Treasured Flavours of Singapore A la Carte Buffet Lunch” has made it a whole lot more convenient for people to enjoy the familiar tastes of Singapore in one prime location. Taking influences from the different ethnic groups in the country, it has successfully come up with quality dishes that will definitely capture the hearts of Singaporeans!

A big thank you to Joyce and Charlotte, both Marketing Communication Representatives of York Hotel.

An additional thank you to Daniel of foodchiak for extending the invitation!


Address: 21 Mount Elizabeth Singapore 228516

Tel+65 6737 0511

Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 1200-1430

Prices (Min. 2 adults):  Adult – $29++

                                           Child – $15++





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